Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gradening !!

OK so this Saturday my family put in a new garden!! It is a bag type garden. I was really fun but by the end of the day we were all ready for bed. Now let me explain little bit. We also went and put in four other garden for our Friends we all helped each other. There were also others who had the same type of garden as us who came to help. We started at 11:00am on ours and ended at about 7:00pm on our friends.The garden is said to be a high producing garden and should last year round. They showed a picture of one bag the had about 15-20 plants in it. I can not wait to learn more and get MORE good veggies!! If you want to know more go to Also in the middle of this busy day I had do go and do a primary activity. It was on pioneers. It went well and I thank all who made it come together nicely. We got a lot done this last Saturday.

P.S. I will posting pic of my fun and amazing Garden!!

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Tyler and Emily said...

That is exciting that you planted a garden too. The primary activity sounds like fun. Have a good one!