Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Crazy busy !!!

Well this year is has been very busy and Crazy. I have not posted in a very long time because I am trying to be super mom and do it ALL. The word here is TRYING. So anyway Tyson Aaron Heward is here and we are so happy. After a very hard last few weeks my midwife and another Doctor finally got him to turn and then I was forced into labor!! Not very much fun. We are counting our blessing that he is here and healthy and he came the right way(no c-section). He was 9lb 7oz. We all love him so much and his oldest brother Royce loves him a lot. They will be best buds if Rocye has anything to do with it. Here so some fun pictures hope you all enjoy!!


The Stanford Bunch said...

Congrats on another beautiful baby Caroline!

Suzanne said...